After years of using Github & NPM, it feels great to finally start contributing some packages back.

I’ve helped out on a few repos here and there in the past via forks and pull-requests, but never submitted anything from scratch, and never registered anything on NPM.

Anyway, so today I bundled up 2 little jQuery utilities I’ve been using a lot the past few months at work.

I had to refactor them for a project at work anyway, so I thought I might as well turn them into sharable code.

There’s a third plugin I’m working on, but I haven’t published it to NPM just yet because it’s still a work in progress.

Without further ado, here’s the Github links to the 3 repos:

  1. per-word-action <>

    This one could easily be called per-line-action or something as well, since it allows you to dynamically count and act upon every single word and each individual line of a given element. It’s a little heavy-handed, and needs optimized. But it has come in handy far too often for me to keep it to myself. :P

  2. ellipsizer <>

    This one is built on top of per-word-action, and it dynamically clamps a section of text with an automatic “Read More / Read Less” toggle based on a maximum number of lines. It’s not perfect, but a good start, and seems to fill some gaps where other packages have been abandoned or dropped the ball.

  3. pull-quote-center <>

    This one is also built on per-word-action (hence why I decided it was time to modularize that one), and it too is kind of an extreme hack for a simple effect. Until browsers get their sh*t together around CSS Shapes & Exclusions , this is the next best way to pull off a float: center effect between two columns of text. It needs some refactoring and some finessing, but I’m still pretty proud that it works at all even as a proof of concept.